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Welcome to the Little Listeners website!

Children are little listeners who use the words they hear to help them accomplish the incredible task of learning language. Even though most children pick up language with relative ease, some kids, including those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), struggle to understand and develop language. The goal of the Little Listeners Project is to better understand why some children with ASD have a difficult time learning language, and what we might be able to do to help.

The Little Listeners Project is led by three investigators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:

     • Susan Ellis Weismer, Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

     • Jan Edwards, Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

     • Jenny Saffran, Professor of Psychology

If you are the parent of a little listener, please explore our Resources, browse our FAQs, or join our project by signing your child up to Participate.

If you are a researcher or interested in learning more about the science of the Little Listeners Project, please browse our Research page, including our Project Summary and Selected Publications, or contact our People directly.

If you are a student interested in getting involved, please visit our For Students page.